About Complete Turf Management (CTM)

Complete Turf Management (CTM) provides a complete range of specialised solutions for sports venues. With more than 30 years’ experience working in sports field design, construction, maintenance and renovations for sports venues. Our specialised team will ensure to provide the highest quality services. CTM promises that we will  work to build a field you will be proud of. We live to help people enjoy the sports they love.

CTM builds quality fields. A quality field is essential to a winning team. Quality is where CTM offers its clients a distinct advantage. CTM has become a recognised leader in quality sports field design, construction, maintenance and renovations. Consulting to complete turnkey operations, our specialised team is ready to deliver quality to our customers.

complete turf management

CTM combines experience, knowledge and technology with exclusive products and services to deliver world class solutions. CTM can meet any budget to deliver a quality product the client and CTM will be proud of.

CTM is setting the standard in sports field construction, management, maintenance and renovations.